Blackstone Virginia

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C & L Farm is a Rising Farm focusing on Free Range and Pasture Fed Animals.
Founded September 2011, We started with one Goat named “Pumpkin” and now have increased to 250 Head, and have expanded into Sheep, Hogs, Beef, Rabbits, Chickens, Ducks.(Turkey’s are Seasonal). We also Process Game Animals as well.
Our animals are checked daily for any Injuries or Sickness, Not to mention the Play Time they receive from Us and Children from all over.
Our Animals are raised with Love and Care, that are Free Ranged and Pasture Fed for a much Sweeter and Fresher Taste.
Or maybe you might like one of our Animals as a Pet, We have them too.
Give us a call or stop by, We enjoy meeting new people and watching the children play with the animals.
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Today’s Meat is being Processed with so many Steroids and Hormones, that we really don’t know what we are eating. Not to mention the conditions that the Animals are being kept.

With the cost of Meats and not knowing what it contains, where it comes from, or how old it is, We decided to make a change for the better. Animals were put on Earth and in different Habitats for a reason. They were not meant to be confined to a space smaller than them, Nor Fed Steroids and Hormones to make them grow faster.

Here at C&L Farm we believe in the Animals being in their Natural Environment , and Grazing Freely on what they like. It is a Proven Fact that Animals Free Ranged or Pasture Fed grow just as fast, and are just as Big as one’s Confined and Fed Steroids. The difference ? The Animal is much Happier, Healthier, Non-Deformed, and have a much Sweeter taste, Not to mention how Tender the Meat is.

If your looking for a Pet, Our Bottle babies make a nice  addition to any family, and the kids are sure to enjoy. No matter what you might be interested in, whether it is Meat, Companionship, Or just a Yard ornament. I’m sure you will find something here at C&L FARM

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2112 Poplar Lawn Dr. Blackstone,VA. 23824

Please Contact us to Arrange a Visit to our Farm.